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Full Version: couple of issues with the new "display song notes" action
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Hi ,

When using the new "display song notes" midi action:

- An empty text box is (sometimes) shown when the text alignment is set to "centered". This same text shows up fine when loading the song. Just empty when trying to reload it with the "display song notes" midi action.
When the alignment of the text is changed to "left", all is fine.
After a while it started displaying ok, even when text was centered ??? Even after quitting MSPro

- When pressing the pedal, that is used to trigger the "display song notes" multiple times in a row, the song notes no longer disapear when triggering the midi action "next page". Even when actually passing to another score that way, the notes of the former score stay displayed on top.
I need to press the Android back arrow to make them disappear. That action is required the same amount of times, the "display song notes" was triggered.

Mabe it would be better to change this "display song notes" function to "toggle song notes", making them appear with the first trigger and disappear with the next ? 

Thanks for the feedback Rudy. I will look into changing the implementation like you described. I definitely can't explain the weird issues with the text not being displayed. I'll see if I can reproduce that.