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Full Version: Android mini pc
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Recently i bought an Asus 15,6 inch touchscreen monitor. I am now using it in portait mode as a second screen with my Windows pc and i must say, that MobilesheetsPro is running smoothly. Still, i want to buy a separate pc and one that is just for displaying music sheets. No other tasks. 
Now there are numerous Android TV boxes, that can work as a mini pc. They are relatively cheap, quiet and (i think) faster than my Windows pc. 

Has anybody experiences with these Android mini pc's or stick pc's ? Is MobilesheetsPro running on these devices ? Can you display in portait mode ? Do they support 1366x768 mode ? Or should i buy a Intel Stick pc ?
@Henk Velkers: I have the same question! Did you solve this issue in the mean time? I would also like to know if the touch function would be supportted...

I guess if the Google play store is installed on the Android stick/mini PC MobileSheetsPro will run!