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Full Version: Next page
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i always use the left and right areas of the screen to go to next / previous page as written in the manual at page 66.
I don't know what happend, but now the action changed. The page only goes up 50%.
Since i can't find any option to change this behavior, im a bit confused.
Is it a bug or did i make a wrong configuration by mistake?
My app is up to date.
What display mode are you using and what orientation is your tablet in (portrait or landscape)? If you are using the single page display mode in landscape with half pages displayed, did you enable the half page turns?

I tested it again and now it worked. Don't know why or what changed.
Orientation is normaly landscape, half page turn is not on, but i use the option wich does show the beginning of the next pageĀ  in setlists.

I will have a look on this in future.