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Full Version: Unexpected Audio Player Operation
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This is something that I discovered completely by accident, since it's not a feature I would normally use.

I have a setlist, many of the charts in that list are also linked to an audio file.  These audio files are there for rehearsal reference purposes, not for live use, which is why I've never noticed this before.  In rehearsal, I would select a single chart and it's associated audio file is then playable.  However, if I 'Load All', then the charts behave as expected, coming up in the order that was manually set.  However, the audio files do not come up with the relative chart.

What seems to happen is that all the audio files are loaded into the player and then, whichever chart you happen to be displaying, if you hit the 'play' command, then what you get is the first audio track in the list, not the track associated with the displayed chart  - which makes no sense to me whatsoever!  

Have I missed a trick here, or what?
Am I the only person seeing this?
Hi Graeme,

Sorry for the delay in responding. It depends upon what settings you've selected for the audio player. If you tap the number icon in the audio player to switch to the large layout (which displays the track list), you can see there is a single note icon,and a triple note icon. If the single note icon is highlighted, only tracks from the current song will be shown. If you tap the triple note icon, audio tracks from the entire setlist will all be loaded at once. If you tap the gear icon, you can also control whether the audio player will automatically switch tracks when the song changes. If the behavior you are seeing doesn't match the settings you've chosen, let me know.

Thanks Mike, I was pretty certain that it would be a finger problem and not an actual bug.  It was the single/triple note icon setting that I had wrong.  All works as expected now.  

My only excuse is that I didn't read the manual properly and not actually needing to use this feature, so I hadn't explored it before.
I'm glad to hear it's working as intended now. There are a ton of options in the app - I certainly wouldn't expect you to know about all of them.