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Full Version: Metronome beat divisions
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Hi everyone. The quarter note division has disappeared from the drop down menu.  The only options available are eights, sixteenths, and sextuplets. I just started using the feature and had no trouble at first but then it started to function at the eights designation.  No matter what I do I can't get it back to quarter notes. At fast tempos I can't determine the speeds. I played with it and got it to change to quarter note division but i don't know how I did it and the beat division still showed eights. Time signature doesn't effect it at all. Eights and Sixteenths work fine but no quarter notes.
The only way the quarter note option should disappear is if you changed the time signature to something like 4/8. If you did that, change it back to 4/4 if you would like to use quarter notes.