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Full Version: Configuring M|Sheets with Genos ??
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I previously had my MobileSheetsPro set up with my Tyros 4 to automatically call up a 'Registration' from a PDF selected from M|Sheets. Having now exchanged the Tyros4 for the new Genos, can anyone help me in configuring the same set up with my Genos    Confused   ??

Thanks in advance
Unless I miss my guess, it sounds like you are using a MIDI implementation to set up your keyboard?

I think possibly only someone familiar with your new keyboard's MIDI setup could really help...

That being said, the MIDI commands will likely be fairly similar, but you will need to compare the commands for each 'board to be certain.
Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply and yes, my Tyros was using 'midi' to implement it.
Not knowing much on setting up midi connection / commands, I was hoping by setting up
the new genos exactly like my previous tyros that it would work but unfortunately it doesn't.......I need to do more research.

Thanks again