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Full Version: Transpose error after page break
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Load the attached song and transpose it from E -> G.

The chords immedeately following a page break are transposed twice. This happens for explicit chords (2nd screenshot) as well as for the chords from a repeated chorus (1st screenshot).

Thanks - I must have broken that in one of the last updates.

Do you pre-render a song line, and if it doesn't seem to fit, render it again on the next page?
I don't pre-render the song line, but I do use a Paint object to measure the width of the line before breaking/splitting it. In the latest version, I now perform all of the transposing on the line before any additional processing so that the measures are accurate. The relocation of this logic is most likely why you are seeing the issue with the page break, because it's probably transposing certain lines twice.