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Full Version: database and relative paths
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Not sure to which post I should add this, so I put it in a new thread.

Mike, when you redesign the database for syncing and working with relative paths: Could you consider to add another directory as "root directory" or whatever you need to anchor the paths for audio files so one can keep sheets and audio files separately (and even reuse existing audio paths with mp3s)?

Are you essentially asking for a different storage location for audio files from the storage location used for other files types?  I guess there is no reason I can't support that. I think what I would do is modify the current storage location dialog so that there is a checkbox for "Use a different folder for audio", and that would enable the ability to pick an audio root folder. This would work for both Windows 10 and Android. Since I already have separate processing logic for most audio file related things, it shouldn't be too difficult to update the code to use a different folder where needed.

Yes, that's what I was asking. I think it's an improvement to separate the audio location from the sheets or to reuse one. Your suggestion sounds good.
Multiple named base folders as I proposed e.g. here
could handle that nicely (and have many more additional advantages)
If you manage your own files, the named folder idea could certainly be used to accomplish that goal, but it wouldn't solve multiple other issues including:

1) Where do audio files go if imported from the cloud, as they have to be copied to the MobileSheets Storage location (hence having a separate location for audio is useful)..

2) If audio is restored from a backup on another device and the original location can't be recreated, where are the audio files placed? With an audio file storage location, there is a known location that the files can be copied to.

The named folder idea doesn't really capture the concept of a dedicated directory just for audio files - it's just another folder that is associated with MobileSheetsPro. In Windows 10, that concept could be quite useful if you like to manage our own files as you could specify another location that MobileSheets would be given continued access to (although it creates some annoying difficulties in the code with regards to how Microsoft handles file access).

So I think both ideas have merit for different reasons, but they ultimately solve different issues.