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Full Version: Delete unused files
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I am looking for a feature which deletes those file which are not used by any song. Is there such a feature and I have not found it? Otherwise I would like to suugest it.
There isn't currently a feature like this. I can certainly add a "Purge unused files" option in the settings for this. I'll just have to be careful about which files I delete in the storage location, as some users may want to be able to store files in the storage location without this wiping them out. I'll probably limit it to unused images, PDFs, text and chord pro files.

I looks like a good feature to have. I sometimes change PDFs and other files and usually don't delete old ones from my MS folder. But I would certainly add audio files to the list of "supported" filetypes.
The problem is that some people like to have a separate folder of audio files in their storage location (even audio files that aren't currently associated in MobileSheets). This makes a lot of sense, especially for the Windows 10 version where there are file restrictions and all files have to live under the storage location. I don't think users would want their unused audio files deleted... I suppose I could add an option to control this on the dialog.

Sounds like a useful feature, but I propose to separate searching and deleting.
Just search for files that are not used by MSP songs and provide a list.
Then let the user decide which of them he wants to delete.
You can make a full backup, only the files that are actually used will be included in the backup. Then remove all files from the MSPro library and restore the backup.