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Full Version: Insert placeholder for unknown songs when importing a setlist
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I share a lot of songs with other people, but they also have their own songs, and their own versions of songs that I have.
When we exchange a setlist (.mss, "Share Song List"), then songs that are not present on the receiving end are skipped.

I would like to have the option to insert some kind of placeholder instead, so I can insert my (version of the) songs easily and without risking to forget some.
Seems reasonable enough. The only part I'm not sure about is if I just should just make that the default behavior or make it configurable. If I make it configurable, then I either need to show configurable options after selecting the .mss file for import or add another setting to the settings screen. What would you prefer? I'm guessing that showing a dialog may be the best option as it lets users make that choice per setlist they are importing.  I could also then display the setlist name and list of songs beforehand so that the user can back out if they decide they want to cancel.

AFAICS, the current behaviour of throwing away entries when importing a titles-only setlist makes little or no sense. So if you are going to add the placeholder mechanism, it should be the only way, or at least the default way.

What would be the use of importing a list of songs that will be received only partially, without being able to find out where the missing songs belong?
I've modified the code to create placeholder songs.