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Full Version: Separate freehand and rectangle annotations
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I've mentioned this once before and it still bothers me that the freehand command and shape drawing command are grouped together. I prefer to use freehand for quick notes in red ink but also need to frequently switch to the rectangle command to draw a white solid box to white out something. It's a hassle to switch all the settings on the fly, especially during rehearsal when our director is moving quickly. Just make them two distinct commands that remember your preferred settings and I will be thrilled.
Almost the same to me. I very often need the freehand command and the straight line command alternating. Grouped together takes a longer time for quick editing then the commands would be in the same level (alongside).

The annotations rework should address this, as one of the major things it's adding is the ability to save your commonly used tools/settings so you can quickly switch between them. It's been a long time coming, but it's up next after the library synchronization features.