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Full Version: Can't find removable SD card for backup
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I am trying to initiate a backup to my removable SD card, but I don't seem to know how to access it.  The only options for backup are Local, Dropbox or Google Drive.  If I select Local I don't seem to see the removable SD card listed.
Try tapping the storage icon at the top of the file browser after selecting Local (it looks like three stacked rectangles). If MobileSheetsPro can correctly detect your SD card, it will show up in the list. Tap it and it should take you straight there.

Tapping that storage icon brings up a small window that says Device.  Other than that one word that window is empty.  (I notice that the file icon on the top remains "selected."  Namely has a selected color.)  However, I can bring up a file manager and create a test directory on the removable SD card, so the tablet knows it is there and writable.
Are you using a file manager from Google Play or one that was put on the tablet from the manufacturer?

If MobileSheetsPro can't detect the SD card, you'll need to manually navigate to the SD card in the file browser. The SD card is under /storage/extSdCard on a lot of devices, so that's a good starting point. If your device is running Android 6.0 or later, then it will be under Storage with a unique identifier in the form of XXXX-XXXX where those X's are all numbers or letters between A-F. 

In case you are wondering why MobileSheetsPro can't detect it, it's because every device manufacturer handles removable SD cards differently. The Android OS has methods that applications are supposed to use to find "external storage", but this doesn't work on all devices. I use multiple different approaches to find removable SD cards, so if yours isn't being detected, it means the device manufacturer is handling the SD card in a weird way.

The file manager (named "explorer") was installed by the manufacturer.

I have root/storage/emulated and root/storage/sdcard0

I can't locate the "test" directory I created anywhere from within MSP.

It is an old Android, version 4.4.4 and doesn't seem to be updateable. (Maybe that is why it was so inexpensive.)  It doesn't much matter since I only use it for MSP

It seems I'll have to backup to the original sdcard and then copy to the removable sdcard.  And then reverse the process for any restore.

Thanks for the help.
That file explorer was most likely granted access to the removable SD card by the manufacturer. If you try to install a different file manager off Google Play, it may not have access to the SD card. It certainly won't have write access, as no apps were given write access to removable SD cards with Android 4.4 except in application specific directories. So unfortunately, you will have to do as you described and split it into multiple steps.

Yeah, I confirmed that I can't update form 4.4.4 unless I want to root the device, and I don't feel confident enough to try that.  It works fine for its intended purpose.

Thanks again.