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Full Version: Bulk update of songs
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I've set MSPro to manage the files.

Now I want to update a number of these (mainly ChordPro) files. The correct operation for this is "Swap File", but that would require each and every song to be updated individually and manually.

Is there a way to do this in bulk, similar to import but then without creating duplicates?
(FWIW: All updated files are on the SDcard in a single folder.)
Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but can't you bulk copy/overwrite the chordpro files with a file managerĀ or isn't that possible with MSP managing the files (assuming they have the same filename)?

If not it's one reason more for me to manage the files myself.
If you perform a batch import of all of the files and you specify "Avoid Duplicate Songs" as well as "Update Songs if matching files are found", this should update your existing songs and swap in the new versions of the files. If you haven't modified storage settings such as "Add Unique ID to Filenames", then you shouldn't encounter any issues with this. Obviously if you use this approach, you would want to put only the files you want to update in the folder you are importing from (to avoid new files being imported).