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Full Version: Problem Sharing Set List
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Hi - We're fairly new to MS and are not having any luck sharing Set Lists. I've followed the brief instructions in the manual (I think) but could use more help. We have two tablets, connected. I select the new set list, click on Share, select Share Song List, click on BlueTooth, get the screen that says Select Device. The tablet I'm sending to is listed. If I click on that devise (or anything else on that page) I get sent back to the Set Lists with a brief note "File Not Sent". If I don't click on anything the 'working circle' in the upper right goes from Stop to Scan and nothing happens.

I can email it but it sure would be nice to be able to send it direct when we're connected. It sounds like that should be possible based on the manual so I assume I'm not doing it correctly. Help would be appreciated!   Thanks, Sue R.
It sounds like the devices you are trying to connect aren't communicating properly over bluetooth. Are they able to pair with each other if you do that outside of MobileSheets? I just tested sending a setlist as you described between my Nexus 10 and my HTC 10 phone and it worked just fine. If you can't get bluetooth to work, you could also consider using Dropbox or Google Drive with a shared account if that's easier than email.

Thanks Mike. We are connecting a Samsung Galaxy to a Kindle. That might be the problem. We do fine within MobileSheets for regular slave/master sharing, and outside MS our devices show we are paired within Bluetooth. But apparently that doesn't mean the two can communicate well. Email works, or backup/restore for large setlists. We're still learning what all the program can do and enjoying it.   Sue