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Full Version: update crashes/option menu
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I just did the update today. Now it's crashing like crazy. Always when I hit 'option' button or try to download/import from dropbox, and randomly other times. I tried uninstall/re install/restore library. Any thoughts appreciated-quite stressed right now-I have a lot of work this week that I need it for.
This is a bug that affects devices running 2.2 (Froyo). I will push out an update in the next day or two. When do you absolutely need the update by for your work?
Thats me, I am running an older device. I have shows from friday on. Is it possible for you to send me the last version, maybe I could go back to that until you get a chance to update? cheers
I can either send you the last version or push out an update tomorrow. Let me know what you would prefer.


I can def wait until tomorrow if you have a fix coming.

The fix is actually already done and fully tested. I just wanted to see how many other small fixes I could also get in the update.

Hi Mike,

wondering if you are shooting it out today?
Just put the finishing touches on it. I'm building the final release and pushing it up in the next 15 minutes.



I pushed the update out. It should be available on Google Play very soon. Amazon/NOOK will take a few days. SlideME should be pretty quick too.
got it-seems to be cool now. Thanks so much for the help and support!