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On the recommendation of a friend and having investigated MobileSheets I will soon be using it but firstly I have to buy myself a Samsung SM-T67I0 Galaxy View 18.4 inch tablet as soon as they become available in Australia.   This large tablet can display two full-sized pages of music, eliminating page turnover problems in most of my instrumental parts which comprise two pages.   I have several large libraries of PDF files containing a bookmark on the first page for each instrumental part (e.g. "Trumpet 1").
Question:    When I bulk load these PDF files  into my Android tablet, will the bookmarks be passed along  and recognized by MobileSheets afterwards?

I don't expect that metadata will be passed to the MobileSheets library and I expect to be very busy inserting metadata (e.g. Composer, Arranger, Artist, Genre etc.) into my MobileSheets library.
I recommend reading about "CSV import" and create a CSV file for the PDFs you want to use
I too was concerned about page turn issues before I moved fully to MobileSheets but have found that a Bluetooth pedal is really reliable and page turns are not a problem if you have one. 
I only mention this in case you would rather use a std. 10 inch type unit which are much more available and possibly cheaper?
@edmudnd W

Which page turner are you using?


To answer your question:

Yes, bookmarks are passed along and recognized.

You've better control with the csv way (but more work).