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Full Version: Possibility to display a e.g. timetable for an event
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Perhaps its already there - but then I havn't found it yet. Is there the possibility to invoke a pdf/txt from anywhere inside a setlist, scroll within it or even switch pages and upon closing will return me to the last position in the setlist (perhaps os overlying window or such?)

Reason: possibility to have the complete course of a sermon readily at hand in the same device as the music sheets. At our church the timetable is prepared not by the musicians but by other people which the is passed on to all participants of the sermon either as pdf oder on office format (docx, xlsx). At the moment i have the printout with me but perhaps I could import the timetable for quick reference into MSP
Do you want to load another song in MobileSheetsPro or load the file externally in another application? If you want to just load another song, tap on the setlist window icon in the song overlay, then tap on the pause setlist icon, which looks like a person with a pause icon at the bottom. This will allow you to load a different song in the library, but when you hit the back button, instead of returning you to the library screen, it returns you back to your setlist where you left off. If you want to load the file externally, you can utilize a smart button to launch the file in an external application.

Thanks - probably I should go with a smart button link because I dont want to clutter the MSP libary with Non-Song-PDFs. Will hitting the back button in an external application also bring me back to the last song in my playlist... I will give it a try
How about just opening the timetable in a PDF reader app and switch between MSP and the PDF reader?
MSP has a nice annotation system which would come in handy also for the timetables - if I exit MSP I would loose that...