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Full Version: its impossible to install latest version
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hello    companion say that my version of m s p is an old version (2.04) and i can't install the new versions.i have 3 tablettes that works with m s p and it is the same thing with them  all are android   (samsung and hanspree)
patrick (france)
Green icon = old version [MobileSheets].
Blue icon = new version [MobileSheets Pro]
Each version has its own Companion.
If you can't install the latest Android update, that usually means you have the wrong email address in use on your tablet. You need to make sure that you have the email address you used to purchase MobileSheetsPro under Settings->Accounts->Google, and that same email address should be used to log in to Google Play. After doing that, you should then be able to update by viewing MobileSheetsPro on Google Play, and tapping "Update" on the store page. If you still can't update and the correct account is listed, consider trying the following:

1: Reboot your tablet
2: Go to your tablet Settings->Applications->Google Play and tap Clear Data. Do the same for Google Play Services.
3: Load Google Play and install MobileSheetsPro
4: If the installation still does not work, reboot your tablet and try again