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Full Version: Notes do not display, only annotations
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Hallo guys!

Since Version 2.1.7, I have a problem, where some pages of a song are not being displayed on the MS for android. I can only see the created annotations, but the sheet is blank. It happenes only with some pieces (it seems random) and only affects the first 1-3 pages.
When opening the saved pdf document of the particular song on my android device (under android/ data/ com.zubersoft etc.) , it looks fine.

I must also add, that I created my song library on my PC and moved it into my android device via the 
But I follow the same proccedure since always.

Do you have any suggestions?

PS: Please check the 2 attachments: the 2nd page of a pice with the blank sheet and the notations, and the 3rd pahe of the same piece displaying correctly.
If you clear the cropping for the problematic pages, does that cause the content to display correctly? What about if you clear zooming/panning?  You can do this with a two finger tap if you haven't changed the default tap actions, otherwise you'll need to access it through the song overlay.

Hallo Mike!

Unfortunately both methods did not work.
Neither reseting the cropping of the problematic pages, nor clearing the zooming/panning with a two finger tap, which is already set as default and works other than this notes-display problem.

I also tried:

1) creating a new backup file on my PC (where I have the Windows Version 2.2.1) and used the MobileSheetsPro Companion (Version 2.7.1) to restore the backed up file into my android device (app Version 2.1.9 on a Samsung S7)

2) reinstalling the app my android-device and repeat the former procedure

3) copy paste the backed up file via USB, from the PC to the android and restoring it directly from my android.

Thanks you very much for the help!
Please export the song by using Share->Export as .msf, email me the .msf file and I will see if I can reproduce what you are seeing.

Hallo Mike,

I sent the file. I could not use the platform hier, so I sent it yesterday from my private mail.

It turns out this is an issue with the Render Preference: Speed PDF library. If you switch the render preference to Quality, the pages show up correctly. I just grabbed the latest version of the "Speed" PDF library, and it fixes the issue, so the next Android release will resolve this. The Windows 10 version of MobileSheets is using an older version of the PDF library (because they update that one less regularly) which doesn't exhibit the same problem.


This solved the issue at once! 

If render preference is set to "Quality", can this affect the speed of page turning inside a piece, or only the speed of loading each pdf?
 " Page turn animation" is already disabled.

Thank you very very much!
It only affects the loading speed of each PDF, and for most PDFs, it's not a significant difference between the two libraries.

Thanks Mike!

Your support is as valuable as your app!