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Full Version: New annotation highlighs problem
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I'm just trying the new feature and I'm having some problems, tried with two different tablets (Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12,2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10,1) with different results.
In Galaxy Tab 3, in some pages, when the feature is enabled, the highlights disappear completely; in other pages it draws a part of the line, and hides the rest (see attached pics).
In Galaxy Note Pro when the feature is enabled, all the highlights disappear (it's like it were in a lower layer under the sheet background). In some other pages the highlighter appears as reverse colors (yellow appears blue and white appears black).
For the moment, for me, it's unusable, but I think it would be a great graphical enhancement.
Thanks Mike for this!
Hello Marco,

Those screenshots only demonstrate that one device is drawing behind the page content, and the other is not. Am I supposed to see something else in the screenshots? Unfortunately, not all devices correctly handle the drawing like they are supposed to. There is very little I can do about this, as it was difficult enough to figure out how to get that feature to work in general due to a lot of unexplainable behavior in the drawing framework. 

As far as all the other odd behavior you are describing, if you can provide some steps to help me reproduce the issues, that would be great. If it happens when loading a single song with a single PDF without a lot of other annotations involved, that would make it easier to debug as well. I definitely did not see any of that happening when I was testing on my Nexus 10, but I can do some more testing on my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. 

Mike, the screens I've posted have been made with the GalaxyTab 3. If you notice, the one with the feature ON misses a part of the yellow lines present in the screen made with the old method. It is apparently inexplicable why in that tablet part of the lines are hidden. 
On the other side, in the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 the feature doesn't show any highlighter, tried with old and new pages.