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Full Version: Syncing library between two Android tablets
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I have two ASUS ME302C Android tablets. I typically sync them through the PC Companion by backing up the DB from Tablet 1 and then restoring it to Tablet 2.

However, I would like to leave one tablet set up at the practice studio, where I don't have access to a PC. So, I'm wondering if there is a convenient method to sync the data between the tablets without using the PC Companion app?

For example, I'm trying to sync my library up-sync to Google Drive right now - but it is painfully slow. I couldn't image then trying to down-sync to the other tablet at the practice studio -- I would have to get there hours early.

Would it work to put the database on a MicroSD card - using the Setting > Backup and Restore functions?

Or, is there a better / faster / easier way to do it - perhaps the Device Sync over Wifi?

Please advise, and thanks for the help with this question.
The new library synchronization feature was created to solve exactly what you are describing. Just tap the overflow menu->Sync Library->Synchronize to a Device, use the most updated tablet as the server, set the the other as client, change the sync type to "Update Client" and then start the merge.

I use the sync feature exactly like that. 
I wonder if it would be possible to save/remember the sync folder location, so I don't need to specify it every time I sync .?
As it is now I always have to click on the folder symbol, select source, select folder. If this info was just remembered from last time I synced it would be a nice time saver .
The last used folder is supposed to remembered. If that's not working, it's a bug. Are you synchronizing to a cloud folder? If so, is it Google Drive or Dropbox? Is this with the Android version or Windows 10?

It's android using Google drive as cloud folder .
I  choose "sync library" from the main menu. Then "synchronize to a cloud folder " from the popup menu 

In the next screen I always have to press the folder, select Google drive, and then the correct folder.. in the last step it does remember the folder I last used, but I have to go through pressing folder and select Google drive .
If I don't the start button is greyed out
I can look into adding support for what you are requesting. This will introduce a number of potential error scenarios (i.e. the user restored a backup with the saved folder path but never actually logged in to Google Drive or Dropbox so the upload will fail), but hopefully it will be obvious to users that they need to reselect the folder if that occurs.

I see your point regarding error handling.
But I would assume that people who use the sync feature more or less always use the same folder for the sync. So having the folder saved would be a nice feature even if it could lead to errors with network trouble and the likes
Maybe extend the Dropbox/Drive dialog with the choice "Use last used [dropbox or drive] folder"?