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Full Version: Random song from setlist
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I often use setlists as a shortlist of songs from a collection. For example, songs that need extra practising. It is easy to add and remove songs.

During a rehearsal or practice, it would be nice if I could randomly select songs to play.
Two ideas come to mind - add all songs to a setlist and change the sort order to shuffle or utilize the ? on the songs tab to select random songs.  Would either of those work for you or are you looking for something different?
I'd like this as well (both setlists and collections).
As far as I can tell, "Sort: Shuffle" always produces the same list which means it is ok for your first "session" but produces the same songs the following week.

Adding a random option would save me having to decide/hunt for a song to play next (I sometimes lead a Ukulele jam); If necessary, I can always decide to skip songs that I don't want the group to play.

I didn't realize ? gave you a random song - but each song requires confirmation that one wants to open it; I was hoping for Sort:Random so the whole list is sorted and I can just work downwards through it skipping any I don't like.

Possibly not ideal for those who use wifi to link tablets but ideal for a someone who doesn't link to other devices.

Note: "?" is not very useful when using a large collection - the odds are you are going to have to continuously scroll to the bottom of the letters bar to access it.
The first alternative is what I do now, but it lacks the surprise of now knowing what song will come up next Smile.

The ? on the songs tab is not usable for this purpose, since AFAIK there is no way to restrict the songs to a particular setlist.
Geoff - go to your setlist, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Reshuffle". That is how you get a new random order.

If you disable Settings->Library Settings->Always Load Whole Setlist, enable "Automatically Load Next Song", then open a song from inside your setlist with the sort order set to Shuffle, then you wouldn't know what is coming up next and it would be effectively random, right? Is that closer to what you want?

That would be a bit closer. Let me explain the exact use case behind my feature request.

For a band, I have a collection with, say, 100 song entries. Of these entries, 60 are actually used for gigs. The rest is for songs in the works, or duplicates (e.g., pdf and png and cho). I have a setlist called "playables" with the 60 sheets.

When practising with the band, a part of the time we use to just play some songs of our repertoire. For this I would like to make the random selections from the "playables" list. I could use the band collection instead, but then I would have to repeatedly skip over sheets that are not adequate. I could (ab)use difficulty or rating for the selection.

But it's just a minor convenience I'm asking for. Nothing critical.
Reshuffle works for me.
I don't care about knowing in advance which song came first (that was sciurius) so I haven't bothered deselecting "Always Load Full List" - (your previous response to a metronome query was that I should set it).

I wasn't aware that Reshuffle existed because it only appears in three dots when the sort is set to Shuffle (and I had no reason to access three dots).
It would be more obvious if Reshuffle appeared on the Sort menu either permanently (but greyed when Shuffle not selected) or visible only  when Shuffle selected.
This would make it obvious to  anyone using shuffle that the order could be changed.

Many thanks for your prompt responses and all the work you do trying to accommodate all the conflicting request from users (I'm glad it is not me having to program it!)