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Full Version: Default filename for "Generate Song List"
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When I use "Generate Song List" with option "Export to File" on Win10 the filename is initialized with the name of the group plus .txt extension.
When I do the same on Android the filename is empty.
Please populate the filename on Android with the same default as in the Win10 version.
Thanks in advance.
Hello Mike, did you miss that post?
This bug seems to be pretty simple to fix.
Nope, didn't miss it, it's already fixed, I just haven't released the Windows 10 update yet. I was going to release it earlier this week but I had to leave on international travel and didn't want to release a significant update right before a trip. I return on October 15th, so I'm going to release the update then (the update contains lots of bug fixes and new functionality).

Thanks Mike. Don't hurry. Enjoy your journey.