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Full Version: pedaal werkt niet meer
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Ik heb op mijn tablet android 6.0.1.
Hierop staat onder andere mijn bladmuziek middels de MobileSheet app. welke ik met een AirTurn pro pedaal kan/kon omslaan.
Plotseling werkt deze niet meer en de leverancier heeft mij overigens zeer goed geholpen, maar zelfs een nieuw pedaal DUO BT-106 raakt wel gekoppeld, maar reageert niet om de pagina om te slaan.

Is dit probleem bekend?
Is hier een update voor of opnieuw installeren?

Graag advies,

MobileSheetsPro does not connect to pedals itself. It relies upon the pedal being paired with the OS, and then it just waits to receive key press notifications. It works exactly like a computer keyboard. Pressing a pedal switch is like pressing the "page down" key, for eaxmple. So if the pedal does not respond in MobileSheetsPro, it's an issue with the OS on that tablet (or a hardware problem). Having said that, I am planning on supporting Airturn's interface to connect with their pedals directly. In order to support that, I have to set the minimum OS version to 4.4, which will cause many users to be able unable to update MobileSheetsPro any further. This was discussed here:

Some users in your situation have had to downgrade the OS version on their device in order to get their pedal working again. I'm afraid your only options are to do something like that or wait for me to add the Airturn direct connect interface. 

As a side note, you did go into the pedal actions settings screen, tap the field for keys 1, tap clear, and verify the pedal isn't communicating with MobileSheetsPro, right?

Was this change or a related change introduced recently?  My AirTurn pedal stopped communicating with my tablet last week.  AirTurn says it's not an issue for their hardware.
No, no pedal changes have been implemented recently. Did you update the OS version on your tablet? It may be a bluetooth issue with your device when it comes to HID devices. Did you test the pedal on the pedal settings screen like I described? I may have to implement the AirTurn direct interface sooner than expected if people keep running into these issues.

I have not updated the OS on the tablet.  It is Android 6.0.  Bluetooth is also 6.0.  The AirTurn PED was working fine until about a week and a half ago.  I did test the pedal actions screen; it appears to be set up properly but does not respond to the pedal.
Can you testest the air ped with anoanother application? This would prove the hardware and the method of connectconnection.

(09-27-2018, 04:15 AM)tegibboney Wrote: [ -> ]Bluetooth is also 6.0.

Are you sure? AFAIK, the most recent version of Bluetooth is 5.
I'm getting a fair number of emails about users being unable to connect their AirTurn pedals. I think I'm going to release a few more updates, and then bump the minimum Android version to 4.4 so I can utilize the new AirTurn direct interface. I'm sure some users won't be thrilled about this, but I think more users will benefit from being able to use their AirTurn pedals going forward than the number of users who are using Android versions below 4.4.


I'm trying a new approach that may allow me to support the direct mode for AirTurn pedals on 4.4 or later, but hide/disable that functionality for earlier devices. If it works and doesn't cause crashes, then I will be adding this new option in the next update.
Problem solved!  I followed the procedure provided by AirTurn and now the pedal is working.  The procedure: un-pair the pedal and tablet; Bluetooth off on tablet; turn the pedal on then press the power button for about 6 seconds.  The LEDs will be on, then off, then dim; re-pair the pedal and the tablet.  This probably clears the cache.  Anyway, it works!  I think I probably caused the problem by frequently turning Bt on and off so I could use the keyboard to annotate files.
(09-29-2018, 01:50 AM)tegibboney Wrote: [ -> ]Problem solved!


Quote:I think I probably caused the problem by frequently turning Bt on and off so I could use the keyboard to annotate files.

You don't need to do that if you install the Hacker's Keyboard or follow the directions from here