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Full Version: USB MIDI connections not working after going to standby mode
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I use 2 separate USB/MIDI cables connected to MSPro. One connected to a keyboard, the other to a bass-pedal
All is working fine untill I press the tablet in standby mode without first quitting MSPro.
When resuming work after doing that, the midi connection(s) frequently do no longer work.

All it takes is to quit MSPro and to restart it to resolve the problemn and all is back to normal.
But I have noticed strange 'USB/MIDI device disconnect' messages when quitting MSPro in such a state. 
It would seem that each connection (each identified by a number) is disconnected twice. (two disconnect messages appear for each connection). 
So that got me wondering if each connection was not "detected/configured" twice in MSPro in that situation and that maybe this double configuration would cause the malfunction