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Full Version: USB Connection Stopped Working
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After updating MobiliSheetsPro, I find that the tablet does not connect with the PC when I try to use Companion. I just get a messages saying "Waiting for connection to PC…"

To try and solve the problem, I enabled Developer Mode to allow me to enable the USB diagnostic option. I also searched the forums to additional ideas. 

The wireless connection is working okay, fortunately. 

I'm assuming USB is faster, and I often have the tablet plugged in for transferring other files, so it would be nice to solve this problem. Any ideas?
Do you have a BT Home Hub? By default, this has two networks on it (2.4 and 5.0 Mhz) and these have the same name

When mine doesn't connect, I just use the "Connection| Manual Wifi Connection"  (the address to use is displayed on the tablet)

Check Windows Firewall for MobileSheetsPro Companion. Make sure both public/private are checked so that packets aren't blocked.
I just have a modem from the cable company, and the wireless is working, fortunately. I'll check those other details, thanks!
You can still try a manual connection.