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Full Version: MobileSheets v4.0.18 Released
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A number of users recently reported issues while viewing setlists where MobileSheets would instantly close and return to the home screen. I'm happy to announce that the bugs have been taken care of, including several others such as a crash during Dropbox access. I appreciate everyone's patience and support over the past week while these problems were resolved. The full list of changes can be seen below:

MobileSheets v4.0.18
- Fixed crash to home screen while viewing setlists
- Improved memory management for PDFs, and removed unnecessary memory setting in the options
- Dialogs should now be loaded correctly across all devices
- Fixes for several miscellaneous crash reports
- Fixed crash while accessing Dropbox files



Just as a note to users, there is a bug present in this version where, if you hit the back button to return to a previous category on the library screen, it will exit the app instead. This will be fixed in the next round of bug fixes. In the meantime, you will have to use the arrow at the top left to return to a previous category.