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Full Version: Filter by setlist when editing setlist
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Hi Mike

When editing a set list, one can restrict the choice of songs by selecting a collection. However, for large collections, this can require a bit of an effort to identify songs that could be added.

Any chance of also allowing a set list filter (to operate like the Collection field).
For example, when creating a new list for somewhere we play "frequently" (it is a nursing home so the audience changes!), it would be nice to be able to look at what was played previously. Songs already in the list being edited would be highlighted so, anything without a highlight would be candidates for a reappearance.

Great program
You can already prepare, store and name combinations of filters. These filters can be applied also from within the setlist editor.
That's a very convenient feature, I use it regularly.

Thanks for that info but i doesn't seem to give me what I want. 

Basically, I know anything in a previous set list is deemed suitable for performing and, if I could choose/display a previous set list, I would only need to scan songs that were not highlighted. If no songs match the requirement, I could then try another set list. The filter mechanism doesn't seem to give me a mechanism for picking a previous set list

Sorry, I should have read your post more thoroughly.

How about starting with a copy of an existing setlist?
I do - but then I want to look in similar set lists to identify different songs I could use.

Well there is a simple workaround if I understood your request correctly.

Simply make a new collection with an appropriate name (used in setlist, name of the venue etc.) and put all the items of the played setlist into this collection.

When you create a new setlist then just use the filter to exclude this collection. Now you have filtered out all the songs you have played already and can choose from only "fresh ones" for the venue.

Isn't that enough for your purposes?
Ta but not really, I want to look in multiple set lists until I find a song I want to use

Yeah, well then.

Maybe Mike will figure something out and accomodate you. But I see no feasible solution without massive program and design changes.

Also, as my last thought on this thread, what's the problem with opening an setlist, browsing that for a song, going to the next setlist if you don't find one or - if you find one - simply mark it (or several) and add it with "add songs to setlist" from the overflow menu to the new setlist you're creating?
I know Mike is busy at the moment!

It doesn't seem a big change to me; just a means to select a set list like one would select a collection (but I don't know what the code is doing). It would obviously affect screen space at the top of the tablet.

Your last suggestion may be possible but it would require me to remember the songs I had already added to the list (I know I could remove duplicates later). I suppose I could jot them down on a bit of paper but that rather misses the point of having a tablet.

Thanks for your thoughts anyway

OK, one last thought after my last thought.

Assuming you would have to sort the selected songs in the new setlist anyway it would probably be no biggy to delete dupes.

But a change that maybe wouldn't be that massive could be a switch/check box for allowing/not allowing duplicates in a setlist if Mike goes for it.