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Full Version: Appreciation for Zuberman
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I've been using MobileSheets for Android for about 5-6 years now, and I just wanted to take a moment and give some public thanks for such a wonderful program with incredible service and support. Bug fixes are almost immediate and I can't count the number of times that I read the update log when opening the app and discovering some new, thoughtful feature added that makes my life easier that never occurred to me to wish for (the new preview page feature when sliding between page ranges is really helpful!). I greatly appreciate the hands-on and personal approach here for something that's become such an absolutely integral part of my life as a professional musician.

Thank you!
That's a definite +1 from me.  Mike's support is second to none.
Couldn't agree more!
fully agreed
I disagree with anyone who disagrees.
You are all too kind - thank you!. It's a joy to work with such a great community of users and you have all helped improve MobileSheets with wonderful suggestions and feedback. I look forward to continuing to improve the app with all the great ideas that have been shared, and seeing how much more the community can grow.

I agree, I bought this program about 2 months or so ago and have looked at several topics as a non member of the forum. A guitar buddy of mine has since bought the program as well as I have told him about the amazing help that I have seen on the threads from the creator Mike Zuberman and also from the other senior members on here. I really don't know how Mike responds to all the threads but he does, from what I've seen.
I just became a member today but thanks to all the very helpful members on here, I've benefitted greatly from your posts to figure out this program. I'm still learning.
Yep, I agree 100%!