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Full Version: no virtual keyboard when using AirTurn
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i've just migrated to MobileSheetsPRO on a Lenovo TAB4 10-inch tablet, from MusicReader4 on a 1st-gen iPad.

on the previous platform, when i was paired with my AirTurn BT-105 and needed to do text entry, a quick press of the power switch on the pedal would bring up the virtual keyboard. with MobileSheetsPRO on the TAB4, that doesn't work -- there seems to be no way to bring up the virtual keyboard for text entry when i'm paired with the AirTurn pedal.

anyone else know how to make this work?

thanks much in advance... cheers!
This thread has details for how to enable the virtual keyboard with a bluetooth pedal attached:

You can also install the Hacker's Keyboard: