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Full Version: Drawing tool
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Hello Mike, 

Maybe what I'm asking for has already been discussed, but I think it would be very useful... 

Often I need to draw something with a freehand black pencil tool, and then need to mask some unwanted objects printed on the sheet with a white opaque rectangle tool. With the actual drawing tool I need to switch between black freehand and white rectangle again and again, and that is very time consuming. 

It would be very useful to have 3 separate tools, one for freehand drawings, one for opaque resizable object as rectangles/circles, and one for transparent highlights. 

Do you think it will be possible to have something similar in your future releases?

The plan for the annotations rework is for users to save their favorite tool and setting combinations. So you could save a "White rectangle" favorite, along with a black freehand favorite. Switching between those favorites will be done through a radial wheel menu with a dropdown most likely. I will try to make it as seamless and quick as possible to switch between favorite tools along with perhaps shortcuts to toggle between or through them.