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Full Version: Able to parse/read the the realbooks, kindle versions?
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Is mobilesheets able to parse/read the the realbooks, kindle versions?

The Real Book - Volume I: C Edition 6th Edition, Kindle Edition
Unfortunately, no, the Kindle file format is not supported. I may look into trying to support that in the future (although there are some legality concerns with reverse engineering the file format). You will have to convert that file to a PDF in order to import it into MobileSheetsPro. Search around on the web for ways to do that.

Thnx Mike. Is there a way to import and associate any of the meta data via a CSV or similar?

CSV import already exists and works fine.

If you  search the forum you might even find a CSV that somebody shared:

Alas you might have to adapt the CSV according to your PDF. Different editions or different scans of a fakebook often contain slightly different songs on different pages. Due to copyright reasons it is usually not allowed to share PDFs together with their matching CSVs.

@Mike: How about adding a new forum section just for sharing CSV files?
Finding a CSV would be much easier and the forum could spare MSP users a lot of effort. That would hopefully motivate forum members to share more of their CSVs. I propose moving all the existing shared CSVs there, one post per fakebook.
I would take part in maintaining such a forum section.
I have created the subforum here and you have moderator privileges for that subforum.