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Full Version: CSVFile for "Kinder wollen singen"
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Kinder wollen singen

A collection of German songs that are public domain.
Originally addressed to German nursery schools (Kindergarten) with an interesting background story about copyright issues.
Mostly childrens' songs, some general German folk songs and some German christmas songs.

Eine Sammlung von urheberrechtsfreien deutschen Kinderliedern.
Erstellt für deutsche Kindergärten, mit einer interessanten Hintergrundgeschichte über den Umgang mit Urheberrechten.
Hauptsächlich Kinderlieder, einige allgemeine deutsche Volkslieder und einige deutsche Weihnachtslieder.
Thank you for the links, this is a really useful source that I had not known yet! Maybe you could edit your post though: The links display correctly but the link targets are GMX-referral-links that do not work any longer.  Wink
(02-05-2019, 08:32 AM)Waldbaer Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the links, this is a really useful source that I had not known yet! Maybe you could edit your post though: The links display correctly but the link targets are GMX-referral-links that do not work any longer.  Wink

Strange. I don't understand how that happened. It's fixed now.
Thanks for letting me know.

Do you know of other useful German folk song collections?
The link to the songbook in the first post points to a reformatted PDF with the same content, but a different page layout.
Previously it was the PDF source for a printed book (with even/odd pages), now it is a collection of individual pages.

The CSV with the corrected page numbers is attached here.  [attachment=1054]
Thanks for the info. I was not aware of the differences.

The CSV that I posted matches (without -A4) which is linked from
(the second link in the first post).

There you can also find a link to the Lilypond files that were used to create the book:
Is anybody out there who is able to convert the Lilypond files to musicxml, MuseScore .mscz or .abc so that songs can be transposed?

The main difference between kinder-wollen-singen.pdf and kinder-wollen-singen-A4.pdf is that in the -A4 version more songs fit on a single page - probably better to use in MSP on a tablet.
Kinder wollen singen with bookmarks

Many PDF readers support clickable bookmarks. This is very helpful to navigate to a certain song when you use a PDF fakebook outside MSP.

I used "Kinder wollen singen" as an example to find out how such a bookmarks list can be created easily.
It seems that I cannot attach the resulting bookmarked PDF file but if you contact me I can send it to you.

Sumatra_PDF-with-bookmarks.png shows how a bookmarks list is displayed in Sumatra pdf reader (WIndows)
kinder-wollen-singen-A4_jPDFBookmarks.txt is the input file that I used to create that bookmarks list
Yeah, jpdfbookmarks is the way to go about this. I haven't found anything better and the commercial programs, especially Acobat are severely lacking in this respect and require much manual work.
The thread "How to use an existing CSV file to add bookmarks to a PDF"
is a step by step description how I created these bookmarks
@itsme, I'm a real anfaenger when it comes to computer based sheet music. Mostly what I play is violin classical music and much of what I get comes as pdf's from (hey I even subscribe and pay them~). 

My hardcopy sheet music has gotten out of hand so I finally decided to get a tablet (Win10pro) and try to use MSpro to tame the mess ( I keep loosing pages from my printouts!)

I've loaded all the music that I have stored on my laptop and got 680 pieces loaded by composer. I'm happy that I was able to figure how to use the folder name (composer) to load into MSPro under the "composer" tab.

The meaning of many of the tabs is still not clear to me, but your examples of csv files along with the source pdf files is really helping me to understand this better. Thank you greatly for this.

Is there a section in the forum that addresses the "pecularities" of classical pieces and how best to organize them in MSPro? I'm sure I'll eventually get up to speed on this software, but the older I get the longer it takes Smile
Thanks for your kind words.
I suppose you are already aware of the manuals at ?
regarding tabs:
You can configure which ones to be shown in Library Settings - Tab Selection And Order (Bibliotheks-Einstellungen - Tab-Auswahl und -Reihenfolge)
All tabs are handled more or less in the same way (generic term "groups") with two exceptions "Songs" and "Setlists" have some special features
regarding classical music:
You might want to search for the posts of user "Oz Cello". He is running a string quartet, has a profound knowledge of MSP and is communicating frequently.
Or you can open a separate thread about classical music or your specific questions e.g. in the forum "Tips & Tricks, and Guides"