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Full Version: How to use "Generate Song List" to create CSV files
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You can use "Generate Song List" to create CSV files within MSP

1.) specify the CSV file format
  • go to "Settings > Library Settings > Generate Song List Format" and tap on "Title Format"
  • specify the Fields you want to export
    • re-import into MSP requires at least "TITLE" and "Page Order"
      ("Page Order" can be selected from the list that you open with the "..." button in the "Fields" section)
    • add additional Fields as you like
  • replace the blank that separates the fields by default with a separator that is valid for CSV files (semicolon, tab, comma)
    • semicolon just can be edited in the format line (the easiest choice)
    • "Tab" can be selected from the list that you open with the "..." button in the "Separators" section
      (It's a bit tricky as there is no visual difference between tab and blank. I recommend removing the blank first, than inserting the tab)
    • if you want to use comma as separator and any of the exported fields contains a comma in its text content (which is quite probable for title or composers), you have to enclose that field in double quotes
    • Note: the format line is just text. It can be edited as you like.
  • copy / paste the format line to a text file
    You will need it later as column titles in Step 3.)
    Further more you can copy it back into the dialog.
    This is useful for backup reasons or to keep different song list formats to re-use them later.

2.) export the desired group as CSV
  • go to "Setlists", "Albums", "Collections", "Artists", ...
    (in my library I use a separate "Albums" entry for every fakebook)
  • select the group you want to export by long pressing it in the list
    (don't open it, the check box has to be checked in the list of groups)
  • select "Generate Song List" in the menu to right
  • select "Save to File"
  • specifiy path and filename
    for MSPs CSV import the extension has to be .CSV
    on Android the CSV must have the same name as the according PDF (MyFakebook.csv belongs to MyFakebook.pdf) and has to be stored in the same folder
3.) add column titles to the CSV file
  • navigate to the saved CSV file and open it with a text editor
  • copy / paste the format line from the "Generate Song List Format" settings dialog into the CSV file
  • make sure that the format line is the very first line and the song list starts with the second line, no blank line in between
4.) check your newly generated .CSV file and share it with the MSP forum community ;-)
@Mike: two (hopefully easy to implement) proposals that would make this rather complicated workflow a lot easier:

1.) please add semicolon to the separator selection list in the "Title Format" dialog
2.) Please add a checkbox "Show Title Format" (similar to "Show Group Title") to the "Generate Song List Format" dialog.
If checked, add the format string that is used on top of the output of "Generate Song List". Group Title first (if checked), format string next (if checked), then the content.

Thank you in advance.
I'm happy to add the semicolon - that's easy to do. 

As far as the second request, you are basically wanting me to output the formatted song title instead of the basic song title right? The formatted song title is what you see on the library screen as the result of the song title formatting in the settings. Instead of outputting that at the beginning of the line, wouldn't it be better to have an option to "Use formatted song titles" on the dialog, and if %TITLE% is encountered, it uses the formatted song title instead of just the simple title? I would think that would be more flexible. If I've misunderstood your request, let me know.

Wouldn't using the formatted song title be problematic though, as that could combine the values of lots of different fields into one? If the CSV already populates artist, for example, and artist is in the formatted title, I wouldn't think you'd want artist in both spots in the CSV. I'm curious how this would be used... 

My request refers to the post above. It's about using the output of "Generate Song List" as a CSV file for import into MSP. Such a CSV file requires valid column titles. The format string itself can be used for that purpose.
The wording "Show Title Format" was chosen similar to "Show Group Title". Maybe something like "Include Column Headers" or "Include Format String" or the like would be more clear.

The resulting output should look like that:

Amazing Grace;158;G;CJB Fakebook 2.2;LS;;
By The Light of the Silvery Moon;258-259;G;CJB Fakebook 2.2;2 S., LS, Text;;
Frankie And Johnnie;46;G;CJB Fakebook 2.2;LS, Text;Stammtisch;
Margie;16-17;C;CJB Fakebook 2.2;2 S., LS, Text;;
Sister Kate;190-191;F;CJB Fakebook 2.2;LS, Text;Stammtisch;
To be honest, though I know the songlist generation feature of course, I didn't think of it for csv creation. Mainly because it's not really of use to me as long as the import/reimport feature isn't realized.

But it's still a lot manual adjustment necessary with generate songlist. And it just makes sense to me (and probably isn't to much programming effort) to provide the csv export (for all fields and in the format needed for direct import) in the same context as the import feature.