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Full Version: Backup with adb
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It seems that MSPro is not included in backups made using "adb backup". Is this intentional?
Yes because the automatic backup mechanisms on Android only store a limited amount of data per app. See the following link:

So the problem is that I don't want to support the auto-backup functionality, as it's limited to 25 MB per app. What happens is that Google will back up the shared preferences and the database file, and then not back up all the library files. A user then sets up a new device and MobileSheetsPro is automatically restored to it, their library appears intact, but all of their files are missing. I then get emails from people complaining about their library being messed up. So I wanted to prevent all of this confusion and just disable this automatic backup/restore functionality, as it does not work well with MobileSheetsPro due to the large library sizes. 

It's unfortunate that the same flag is used to control the automatic backups as well as adb backups. If I could turn off automatic backups but allow adb backups, I would. Google chose to use the same flag for both though, so my hands are tied. 

Ok, thanks for the explanation.