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Full Version: Option to Hide Zero Quantities in Library Lists
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A feature I would like would be when I view some of my library tab lists, (specifically Keys, Genres & Source Types where field data choices are offered via drop down lists) would be the ability to hide choices where the quantity of songs in a particular Key or Genre is zero.
For example, I have nothing in my Library with the Genre “Death Metal" or in the key of D# minor; (in other words both have a value of 0 displayed at the far right of the row when viewed in the Library Tab List), yet those choices still populate the Genre & Key lists which clutters up the view. Obviously, this does not happen when the fields I choose to view in my Library Tabs are populated with entries created by me, as is the case with Collections or Years.
I realize I could delete the choices offered if I am not using them at the time, but I like & use the choices offered by MobileSheets in the field drop down lists for Genre, Keys and Source Types because it creates consistency in my Library. The other issue I have with deleting and recreating if needed is it creates an opportunity for redundant nomenclature.

Example, I typically use lower case letters for minor keys & capital letters for Major keys. Therefore, if I deleted the Key of D# minor from the list of choices because presently I have nothing in that key, if I need the key of D# minor later, I may recreate it one day using the charters: “d#”, and on a different day go with “D# m”. With Genres, I may recreate, “Metal – Death” one day and “Death Metal” another.
If that happened, I would look at my Library lists for Genres or Keys and end up with multiple entries for the same thing. Again, it obviously could be managed,...

However, just being able to hide zero quantities would be nice. Smile

Maybe it's as simple as adding an option to "hide" to the other choices (Edit/Copy/Rename/Delete) when you right click on an entry on the list as long as hiding it there wouldn't hide it everywhere although I assume you would have to "un-hide" it there if you ever wanted to see it. Or maybe just a Library Setting option to display or not display zero quantities.

Thanks in advance for any consideration you give this request!