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Full Version: Metronome feature deletes songs
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When setting up my songs using the metronome feature, when I go back into my song library, songs have been deleted -

Is there a certain way I need to save the songs?

Modifying any settings of the metronome shouldn't delete songs or have any impact on other songs in your library. Are you sure you don't have filter active that is filtering out songs? Tap the "X" at the far right side of the filter bar to clear all filters. 

Regarding active filters: Though I should know better, I'm always again stumped if MSP shows 0 entries after a start and I'm fearing a database error before I realize there's still a filter active. 

Mike, how about showing something like "0/1237" in the tabs instead of just the "0" so you can see with one glance that there are hidden entries and it's a filter issue?
sounds like a good idea
Sure, I can look into making that change.