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Full Version: Disable the touchscreen and virtual touch buttons but not the control with the pedals
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I had problems outdoors with a strong wind that triggers a touch of the touch screen and also plant elements or insects that trigger a touch of the screen.

Existing software locks everything including physical keyboards, and more are not well suited to my version of Android 4.2.2.

The idea:
In the performance mode it would be necessary that only the pedal is usable to control the changes of pages. Blocking the touch screen and virtual keys of Android but not the keyboard used by the pedal.

Locking with an icon in performance mode or notifications like most lock applications do ...

Unlocking with several options such as an icon and a long press or several press on this icon (configurable), memorizing the location of the icon, or also several press (configurable) anywhere on the screen without an icon to unlock, or disable by notifications ...

I can look into adding support for that. At the moment, you will need to go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions, and just disable tapping to turn pages. Then while you are in performance mode, only a swipe or a pedal should be able to turn the page. I can double check this tomorrow but I believe it should work. A more convenient toggle for this (such as long pressing the performance mode icon) should be pretty easy to implement.

I was already with these settings but it's mostly the touch buttons back, home, ... which caused a problem.

If you go to Settings->Display Settings and enable "Hide the Navigation Bar", then those buttons won't be shown. Will that work for you?

I do not have this option visible. I have version 4.2.2 on my monitor. KitKat is a newer version.