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Full Version: Best cloud storage for sharing files among band
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I've been using Dropbox for a while to share my files and set lists with my band members, but now Dropbox doesn't like more than 3 devices anymore.

I am guessing if I were to use Google Drive, every tablet would need to be setup with my Google account on a tablet level (instead of just MSP) in order to access the drive (please correct me if I'm wrong).

One possible solution might be adding support for a Shared Folder (share by link) from either Dropbox or Google Drive - I'd rather everyone has read-only access than no access at all. Not sure how hard that would be to implement, though.

It would be nice if one of my band members could also write, but I guess you can't have it all...

Is there any alternative that could be used? If it requires installing an extra plugin or app, I'd be OK with that.
Heck, is there a Google Drive sync client that does not require the entire device to be logged into the account?

There is an option to pick "External/Cloud", but I don't know how it works or what it does.

Oh, and OneDrive doesn't count (at least in my book) :-)

Thoughts, ideas?

It seems that my way to use GoogleDrive is exactly what you are looking for, see screenshots.
"specific people can access" means that you can invite somebody by e-mail. It's not required that the e-mail-address to which you send the invitation is a gmail address. Invited persons have to use a Google account to log-in. So this is not a public link that can be shared with the whole world.

And you can specify who has write access.

These settings are per folder.
I think you have to use the GoogleDrive web interface to get full access to all the settings dialogs.
Furthermore: I have specified a local folder for Google Backup+Sync

and I specified a subfolder of the GoogleDrive folder to be used as MSP folder

Thus I can edit my scores on different computers and Backup+Sync cares for synchronisation.

To use the files in MSP I only need to copy or synchronize mobilesheets.db
Usually something like
Ooh, I had not thought of Google Drive and SHARING... Yes, this would work great!

Thanks so much!
Yes, this will work well.

So I stored my files on one Google Account and shared the folder to my main Google Account where it now shows up under "Shared with me". So far so good.

One issue: If I use Import from Google Drive, import a file, and then come back to import another file, it says "Can not access [some random code]" and kicks me back into the main folder.

While I personally don't have that big an issue with this, I have some band members who are not as technically versed and might have difficulties finding the folder again.

Does anyone have a way around this?