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Full Version: CSVFile for "Anthologie Des Grilles De Jazz"
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Anthologie Des Grilles De Jazz
1456 Jazz - Standards (Melody and Harmony)

The PDF is here available:
Thanks Vibraphon. I've long indexed that for myself, so the CSV is not for me.

But I want to point out that this book is a real treasure and IMO one of the best and "most correct" as far as the melody and chords are concerned, especially if you consider the vast amount of content.

Badoin really painfully recherched all these and wrote them by hand.

Also there's a beautiful companion book with chord grids only for harmony instruments if one doesn't need the melody.

Really a must have for all Jazz musicians from New Orleans to Mainstream.
Merci beaucoup !
here's a new csv of Baudouin " Anthologie des grilles de jazz "

a csv for pdf leadsheet version called LS.
a csv for pdf chord version only called Grilles.

Be careful to check the correspondence of the pages with your PDF (with excel you can do bulk operations)