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Full Version: Retain position in tabs
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I'm not sure if I have proposed this already or if I have overlooked something.

I often switch between the song tab and other tabs like collections, albums, setlists etc. to select and add a song that is missing in a collection etc.

I'd really like MSP to remember the tab and the position (I mean the opened collection) so one can switch between the tabs without the need to navigate back to the old position.
(preferably as option).
I completely understand your desire to do this, but it breaks the current design a little bit. I'd love to hear feedback from a lot of people before changing anything related to this. It would mean that every time you go to any tab, if a group was previously viewed, it would still be showing that group. That might be unintuitive for some users. I could make it configurable, but I would still need to decide what is the best default behavior, as that is what most people would use.

I think this relates to my response (#4) in the "Candidate suggestions..." thread in the "Feature Requests and Ideas" forum. I was proposing a new double arrow icon on the Floating Toolbar that would jump to the song display of the previous open group list... 

This need not interfere with the current switch tabs behavior.