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Full Version: half page turning
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This may be already very obvious to you, but for me it was a real discovery:

One of the things I noticed when playing from a tablet is that you don't see what will be on the next page until it's turned. I used to edit my pdfs so that the page turn would not be during a part with many (difficult) passages. Also the timing of the page turn (with pedal) is critical because of this.
Lately I discovered the half page option. This helps a lot, but it also requires a completely different mindset for pageturning timing. So now I can turn my page when I'm somewhere in the bottom half of the page. Once I got used to that it much of the pageturn stress was gone. :-)
Hi Defreeze,

Page turning was something of an issue for me as well, so I have gone to the "Scroll Entire Song in Fixed Time" option, which means that I never have to turn a page manually. This works very well for me.....

Where a song has repeats, I just add and trim additional pages as required.