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Full Version: Some praise :-)
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So often, developers only see the bug reports, so I wanted to add some praise here!

The program is wonderfully stable! I imported a huge library of 12,000 tunes, and it still works fine under the load!

I just tried something that I thought might finally crash the program. These 12,000 tunes accidentally received two Collection names, so I selected all 12,000 to edit so I could remove the second Collection name.

It was a bit scary when the screen went black for a few seconds, but it came up, let me make the edits, and saved them just fine.

Also, I am working on my cell phone here with a relatively small screen!

I recently tried the feature to connect tablets, and it was great to be able to flip pages on one tablet and have the others follow.

I try to advertise this app to any Android using musician!

Great job, and thank you so much!
Thank you so much for the feedback! You are right that I mainly get bug reports, so it helps every now and then to hear about the app working well for people Smile

As a fellow developer, I totally get it :-)

Glad I could deliver some good news!