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Full Version: USI (Universal Stylus Initiative)
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HP recently announced new Chromebooks that support the Universal Stylus Initiative, with the CBs coming this month and HP's USI stylus in November.

Basically, the benefit of this new stylus spec is that, for the first time, there is "two-way communication" between device and stylus. This allows for greater accuracy and data transfer. In theory, you could do something like circle some text in OneNote and drop it into Google Keep on another device, if all the devices supported the USI standard. USI is starting out on Chromebooks, but Android and Windows devices will also be released.

I wonder if this could have any particular applications in MobileSheets. Saving inking settings between devices, that kind of thing... but I have no idea if functionality can be customized within apps, or if everything happens at the OS level. Looks promising, in any case.
Definitely could lead to some interesting functionality. Thanks for sharing!