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Full Version: Restoring the DB from a DB folder stored in a SD card?
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Hi, unfortunately my old tablet suddenly died a couple of days ago. I've just bought a new one and of course I'd like to restore all my songs (thousands of them) on the new one.
Unfortunately, the last full backup (to a .msb file) I did was several months ago and since them I've added and changed a lot of songs. Of course I'd like to restore the last version I had, if that is possible. 

My library was stored in a external SD card plugged in my old tablet, so I think I have all the information I need to get my full library back. Is there a way to restore my full library directly from a SD card folder instead of from a .msb file?

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated

EDIT: the Expose database file option was UNCHECKED on my old tablet. Maybe this is the problem?
Any idea?
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you don't have a copy of the database file, then restoring your library is not going to be possible. Even if expose database is checked, it will not store the database file on an SD card, because this is inherently unreliable (the SD card might not be mounted when MobileSheets is loaded and the error handling could cause chaos with your library). Obviously this is ironic given this situation, but in general I still believe it to be true. Exposing the database does let you manually copy it elsewhere for safekeeping though (you could manually copy it to the storage location for example).

There is one thing you can try that might help a little. If you restore the older backup file, I'm assuming your storage location will still be set to the SD card and all of the files would be restored there. If you then turn around and batch import the storage location, it should ignore existing songs and import the missing ones. This might save you some time at least.