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Full Version: Pedal reconnects everytime I press
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This is probably a Android issue; but maybe someone here can help.

I use Pageflip firefly pedal. Each time I press the pedal, it reconnects Bluetooth. This makes everyting extremely sluggish and pedal is useless.

It is an old tablet; a Lenovo Yoga pro running android 5.0.1.

Happens also when not usin mobilsheets. Pedal is ok. Works fine with Ipad or windows.
This definitely sounds like an issue with the device. It's hard to say if the problem is with the bluetooth components in the tablet or the OS. If you search for OS updates, are any available or is version 5.0.1 the latest?

I hope the firefly doesn't have the v2 firmware (you can see this on the label on the bottom). This firmware version has known issues (though Pageflip denies this).
Mike: The tablet has the latest os upgrade.

Of course the firefly have the V2 on the label… What is the issues? It works on Ipad, and also on my android phone.
Here's a guy who had the same issue with the Firefly firmware version but was more lucky with getting it exchanged (in German language):