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Full Version: Companion don't want to connect until there was, at least, one partition
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Hi Mike,

I backed up data from my main tablet into my computer. I wanted to use this backup in my new phone (android 9) for security.
Companion didn't want to connect until there was, at least, one partition
I created a blank partition with a blank page and I was able to connect companion, as usual and loaded my backup.

Sorry, I didn't remember the error message.
I've connected the companion app many times to a device with an empty library. I just cleared the library on my device and connected to the companion app just to verify no new problems are present and it worked fine. I'm really curious what that error was that you encountered. It probably had nothing to do with the library being empty.

Thanks Mike for your reply,

Maybe nothing to do with the empty Library. but no trouble after I create a blank score.

I'll try to reset my phone to have the same message. I will let you know.
I have gig soon I will test not before next monday.