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Full Version: BackUp-problem
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I try to backup my library from my Surface Pro (WIN 10) to my desktop (WIN 10) using the compain.
Everything is working fine, but I never reach 100%. It stopps at 99%.
The Surface Pro tells me that all has been sucessfull done, but on the desktop PC I only can Cancel for hours!
If I do that the Backup-file that has been created new just before is deleted.
Is there a reason you don't just create the backup on the Surface Pro itself (Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library) and then transfer the file to the other PC or the cloud? I'm just checking - the companion app should definitely work regardless, but I wanted to pose this as an alternative.

I have on rare occasions seen something similar to what you are describing, but I have created backups over 4 GB in size using the companion a number of times without any issues. I can run some tests with large libraries to see if I encounter any problems, but I think this is very dependent upon the router being used and the network quality. I'll let you know what I find using my Surface Pro 4 with the companion on my PC.

I had something similar (

It worked ok the next day (the pc had been rebooted).

If rebooting doesn't work, try killing the Companion using the Task Manager (see above link) 

Hello Mike,

I use the desktop PC to write leadsheets using musescore. Than I move those files to mobilesheets on the surface using the companion. Next I save the changes as a backup via companion to the desktop PC. Libraries of other tablets are synced from the surface pro.

If I create a backup on the surface pro I have to move it later to the desktop PC - double action.

The surface pro and the desktop PC are both connected by cable to the Fritzbox.

This doesn't happen every time I try to backup, but at about 75% of my backups are going wrong by that issue.

@Geoff Bacon: Killing the companion solves the problem! Thank You.