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Full Version: Audio files duplicates
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I just noticed that the ignore duplicates function for audio files does not work properly.
I never imported the audio files, just pointed to the files (on sd card).

A few days ago i tried to batch import the audio files and ended up with up to 5 files with the same name.
If i try to synchronize the library, then mobile sheets asks for every audio file which version of the file should be taken.

As i have a lot of playalong files (a few hundred) this is a painfull process. Rolleyes 

Could any one confirm this?

Is it possible to show (filter)  for the audio files? Filetype?
Offcourse i could set keywords at the batch import then it would be easy...

I'll investigate this as soon as I can. It does sound plausible that the batch audio import does not ignore duplicate files correctly, as I have not focused on testing that as much, as it's not used as frequently as the normal batch import.

I've made a few code changes for the next update, tested importing the same files multiple times and they were properly ignored. I'll have to have you test after the next update is released to ensure it works with your settings and files.

Thank you Mike. I will test it.
I tested it and everything works fine. Already imported songs will be ignored. 

Thank you Mike.
That's great news, thanks for letting me know.