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Full Version: Temporary change of settings
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This afternoon I was at a concert where they played several songs that I carried with me on my tablet. I found it handy to follow the song text during the performance.

My songs are ChordPro with chords and lyrics. But this afternoon I didn't want to see the chords, just the lyrics. So I changed "chords visible" to off globally. I have a daily backup of MSPro so it is easy to restore to original from backup.

However, I think it would be nice if there was a way to change MSPro settings (display, or other) and be able to restore to the previous settings.
A good idea.
A frequent case for me: when I transpose a song on request during a session I often don't have the time to reset it to my usual key immediately after the song is played.
Yes, that's another good use case.
Let's talk about how this would be realized in the UI. Should I change it so that you have to click a save button to actually commit the changes, and they are all temporary otherwise? Should that be the default behavior or should it be something you have to enable? I think having to click a save button not to lose changes might be tedious for most users when they aren't in a situation like what you are describing, so is it better to toggle something on that indicates you want the changes to only be temporary? Should there be a checkbox or switch on the dialog that says something like, "automatically save changes" that is normally checked by default, but if you uncheck it, a save button is displayed? Or should there be a "revert" button that will revert all of the changes back to what they were when the song was first loaded? I think I would have a snapshot of the text display settings that were present when the app was first loaded, and that's what I would revert to. That means those saved settings would only be updated the next time the application is closed and reloaded. That certainly would be the easiest implementation.

Let me know what approach you guys think you would prefer, or if you have other ideas, please share them.

Yes, I would assume that upon program start a sort of snapshot is made that contains global settings and song metadata.
In the settings pane (under Backup and Restore, maybe?), a section "Snapshots".

- [X] Automatically create snapshot upon program start
- [Button] Create snapshot
- [Button] Restore last snapshot (show its date/time)


- Number of snapshots to retain (e.g., 4, or 16).
- Restore last snapshot has a checkbox "remove after restore".

The Deluxe version makes it possible to repeatedly restore a snapshot. When multiple shapshots are kept, and the last one is restored with remove, the second last becomes the next candidate for restore.